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Valley Sports Report
THE VALLEY — Waverly senior Mason Beard came on strong at the end of the season and capped off a brilliant career with a fifth-place finish at the New York State Championships, earning a second consecutive Valley Sports Report “Bowler of the Year” honor.

Beard, who led the IAC and all of Section IV with  228.62 average as a junior saw his average drop to 215.88 this year — good for third in the IAC.

Beard did roll a 300 game again this year in league bowling and rolled a 750 high series, which was third-highest on the season.

Once the postseason began, Beard kicked it into high gear. He finished sixth at the IAC Championships, then won a silver medal at the Class B Championships, before winning gold at the Section IV State Qualifier.

At States, Beard finished fifth after a 34th-place finish as a junior.

Waverly freshman Nick Briggs and Tioga 8th-grader Eric Sherman will share the 2014-15 “Newcomer of the Year” award.

Briggs posted a 198 average for the season and also rolled one of four perfect games in the IAC this season.

Sherman had a 186 average for the season and finished 14th at the IAC Championships and 12 at the Class C Championships.

The 2014-15 “Super 7” Bowlers are as follows:

Mason Beard , senior, Waverly: See above.

Genevieve Burnett, freshman, Tioga: Burnett finished fifth in IAC with a season average of 183.14. She had the high series in the IAC this year with a 687 and the third-highest game of 263 and then finished 9th at IAC Championships.

Burnett won silver medal at Section IV State Qualifier to qualify for States, where she finished 37th.

Conner Joseph, sophomore, Waverly: Joseph led the IAC with a 223.85 average and rolled an IAC high series of 769 with a 300 game. He finished 11th at the IAC Championships.

He finished seventh at the Section IV, Class B Championships and followed it up with a third-place finish at the State Qualifier. He finished 62nd in his fourth trip to States.

Alex Sherman, senior, Notre Dame: Sherman, who resides in Barton, was second in the IAC with a 218.9 average and then won the gold medal at the IAC Championships with a 744 series.

Sherman finished fifth at the State Qualifier to advance to the state tournament, where he finished 30th.

Brooke Rosh, sophomore, Waverly: Rosh finished second in the IAC this season with a 189.42 average. She had the second-highest series in the league this season IAC with a 684.     

Rosh finished second at IAC Championships and was  ninth at the Section IV, State Qualifier.

Josh Welch, senior, Tioga:  each was fifth in IAC with a 207.27 average this season and finished fifth in the IAC Championships, while rolling a perfect game. He finished 28th at the State Qualifier.

William Cowles, sophomore, Waverly: Cowles was fourth in IAC this season with a 208.71 average and finished 18th at the IAC Championships. He placed third at the Section IV, Class B Championships.


IN PHOTO 1: Waverly’s Mason Beard. IN PHOTO 2: Waverly’s Nick Briggs. IN PHOTO 3: Tioga’s Eric Sherman.

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