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SAYRE — First-year Sayre boys basketball coach Devin Shaw is both excited and a little nervous at the prospects of taking over the Redskin program in preparation for the 2019-20 season.

“It’s an exciting new experience.

“I get the chance to take care of a program, try to build it from the bottom all the way to the top, and keep it successful for a long period of time,” said Shaw.

“Obviously, it’s a little nerve-wracking not having any experience as a varsity head coach,” he added. “The (NTL) is a good league, and it has a lot of good coaches, so I’ll have to be prepared every game this season.”

Shaw said he’s looking to grow the program from ground up.

“That’s where it starts,” he said. “If the youth program isn’t good, when they get to me, I basically have to start over.

“I want them to learn the baseline skills of handling the basketball, squaring up to the hoop and seeing triple-threat position, and then being able to make some good passes.

“After that, we can work offenses and defenses, but we need to teach those baseline skills,” added Shaw.

As for this season, Shaw will have plenty of able bodies to work with.

“Our numbers are good,” he said. “We have 22 for JV and varsity, that’s a good number to come into.

“We had 17 or 18 at summer league, so I’ve had some experience with them from the summer league coming into the preseason,” noted Shaw.

“Our focus is effort and energy. If you’re playing high-tempo and energy and you’re into the game, your game is going to be better,” he added.

With this being his first year, Shaw is faced with the task of installing new offenses and defenses.

“The guys are learning everything from scratch,” he said. “I’m trying to balance the time of working on skills and drills in practice, and also working offenses and defenses.

“The question for me is, how much do I put in the first week? I don’t to overload them, and get them confused and frustrated, and not want to be here.

“We have a scrimmage Tuesday, so I’m just trying to get a couple man and zone offenses in, so we can deal with whatever we see, then some press breaks, and presses so we can throw some different stuff at the other team as well,” said Shaw.

In its non-league slate, Sayre plays Blue Ridge and Susquehanna to start the season, and will play Bloomsburg and Montgomery to end the regular season.

“I don’t know much about the non-league teams we’ll play, but I think it’s good to play teams you don’t normally see,” said Shaw. I think the kids like it, and it’s good experience for us.

“We’ll have those last two non-league games heading into Districts and we’ll see something a little different to get us prepared for the postseason, so that’s a good thing,” added Shaw.

The Redskins host Mountain View in a scrimmage Tuesday at 6 p.m.


IN PHOTO 1: Sayre coach Devin Shaw.

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