Valley Sports Report
THE VALLEY - We know there are many Valley grads participating in collegiate athletics that we're not keeping an eye on. So, let us know who we're missing and we'll make an effort to provide periodic updates on them as well.

Just drop a note to Tim Birney and we'll add him or her to our database.

Who we're keeping an eye on in 2019-20:


Tyler Forbes, Athens, senior, West Chester;

Parker Hendershot, Tioga, junior, Penn State;

Matt Williams
, Sayre, junior, St. Bonaventure;

Brendyn Stillman, Waverly, junior, St. Bonaventure;

Connor Hanafin, Sayre, sophomore, Frederick CC;

Pierce Hendershot, Tioga, freshman, St. Bonaventure;

Colby Sindoni, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC;

Collin Traub, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC.

Jon Ward, Waverly, junior, Mansfield.

Gavin Stein, Athens, freshman, Corning CC;

Dylan Ward, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC.

Bekah Richter, Tioga, freshman, Broome CC;

Molly Ball, Sayre, junior, Lycoming.

Genevieve Burnett, Tioga, sophomor, Spalding University

Sydney Beeman, Sayre, senior, St. Bonaventure;

Cameron Mushock, Tioga, freshman, Corning CC;

Claire Shaffer, Sayre, freshman, Lycoming College.

Kevin Singhel, Athens, senior, Wilkes College.

Mark Ross, Athens, head coach at Misericordia;

Zach Hutchinson, Tioga, senior, Morrisville;

Peyton Miller, Waverly, senior, Utica College;

Adam Zwierlein, Tioga, senior, Buffalo State;

Aaron Barry, Athens, senior, Misericordia;

Mitch Kerrick, Athens, junior, Brockport;

Trey Floyd, Tioga, sophomore, Cortland;

Dalton Loper, Waverly, sophomore, Utica College;

Max Johnson, Tioga, sophomore, Mansfield.

Josh Robinson, Tioga, head coach at Keuka College;

Ryan Murrelle, Sayre, sophomore, Keuka College.

Alex Tomasso, Waverly, freshman, Merrimack College;

Madison Kittle, sophomore, Keuka College.

Lauren Allen, sophomore, Tioga, Westbury College.

Shane Colegrove, Athens, junior, Lock Haven;

Willey Tilley, Athens, freshman, Williamson College.

Allie Peet, Sayre, senior, Wilkes College;

Holly Passetti, Tioga, junior, Alfred U;

Chloe Tracy, Sayre, junior, Binghamton;

Kayla Kromelbein, Waverly, sophomore, Broome CC;

Zoe Mennig, Waverly, sophomore, SUNY Oswego;

Rachel Hutchison, Athens, freshman, St. Bonaventure;

Melina Ortiz, Waverly, (signed), Siena College.

Brittany Vergason, senior, Keuka College;

Shailei Kraft, Waverly, junior, Dominican;

Aubrey Allen, Athens, junior, Slippery Rock;

Kaitlynn McCarter, Sayre, junior, Keuka College;

Zoe Mennig, Waverly, sophomore, Oswego;

Mariah Culver, Tioga, sophomore, Caldwell Univ.;

Madalyn Dydynski, Tioga, sophomore, Lock Haven;

Emma Adams, Athens, freshman, Albany;

Wendi Hammond, Waverly, freshman, Albany;

Amelia Martin, Athens, freshman, Elmira College.

Kelcey Madigan, Waverly, junior, Cortland;

Paige Miller, Waverly, sophomore, Cortland;

Kennedy Wheeler, Waverly, freshman, Misericordia;

Starr Harford, Waverly, freshman, Hartwick;

Hailey Onofre, Waverly, freshman, Wells College.

Brandon Uhl, Waverly, head coach, Washington & Lee;

Chris Bostwick,
Waverly, assistant coach, Clemson;

Sean Waltman, Athens, sophomore, Hartwick College.

Breanna Featherson, Waverly, senior, Utica College;

Emily Madigan, Athens, senior, Misericordia;

Holly Passetti, Tioga, junior, Alfred U;

Breana Gambrell, Athens, sophomore, Penn State;

Emily Lunger, Athens, sophomore, St. Francis (Pa.);

Rachel Whitcomb, Tioga, sophomore, Cortland;

Ariana Gambrell, Athens, freshman, Bucknell;

Ashtyn Allen, Athens, freshman, Hartwick.


Malley Bowen, Tioga, senior, SUNY Cortland;

Kurstan Martin, Tioga, sophomore, Utica College;

Amelia Martin, Athens, freshman, Elmira College.


Brian Courtney, Athens, redshirt sophomore, Virginia;

Kaiden Winters, Athens, junior, RIT;

Roger Horton, Athens, junior, Wilkes;

Brock Horton, Athens, junior, Wilkes;

A.J. Burkhart, Athens, redshirt freshman, Lehigh U.;

Nate Bradley, Athens, sophomore, RIT;

Chris Horton, Athens, sophomore, RIT;

John Worthing, Tioga, freshman, Clarion;

Austin Lamb, Tioga, freshman, RIT;

John Vough, Athens, freshman, Alvernia.