Valley Sports Report for Penn York Valley


Valley Sports Report
THE VALLEY We know there are many Valley grads participating in collegiate athletics that we're not keeping an eye on. So, let us know who we're missing and we'll make an effort to provide periodic updates on them as well.

Just drop a note to Tim Birney at timbirney@ and we'll add him or her to our database.

Who we're keeping an eye on in 2017-18:


Dakota Skinner, Tioga, senior, Keuka College;

Nick Skerpon, Sayre, seinor, Ithaca College;

Tyler Forbes, Athens, junior, West Chester;

Sam Perri, Athens, junior, Ithaca College;

Tanner Folk, Tioga, sophomore, Hill College (Texas);

Parker Hendershot, Tioga, freshman, Penn State;

Matt Williams, Sayre, freshman, St. Bonaventure;

Brendyn Stillman, Waverly, freshman, Herkimer;

Nate Williams, Sayre, junior, Emmanuel College (Ga.);

Marshall Higley, Sayre, junior at Penn State-Altoona;

Jon Ward, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC.

Morgan Westbrook, Athens, sophomore, Mansfield University;

Paige Wampole, Sayre, sophomore, Misericordia University;

Mackenzie Warner, Athens, sophomore, Corning CC;

Shanell Baglini, Athens, freshman, Mansfield University.

Ben Cowles, Waverly, sophomore, Corning CC;

William Cowles, Waverly, sophomore, Corning CC.

Erin Fagan, Waverly, senior, Pitt-Bradford;

Jamie Talada, Waverly, sophomore, Corning CC.

Kelby Cole, Tioga, senior, Marywood;

Molly O'Hara, Sayre, senior, Misericordia;

Kaylee Uhl, Waverly, junior, Cortland;

Sydney Beeman, Sayre, sophomore, St. Bonaventure;

Emily Madigan, Athens, sophomore, Misericordia.

Gabe Herbst, Athens, sophomore, Allegheny College;

Kevin Singhel, Athens, sophomore, Wilkes College.

Janina Mazzeo, S-VE, junior, Nazareth;

Dani Barto, Tioga, junior, SUNY Cortland;

Taylor Ayres, Tioga, sophomore, Mansfield;

Kelsey Pierce, S-VE, sophomore, William Smith;

Gabbie Sousa, S-VE, sophomore, Geneseo;

Olivia Douglas, S-VE, freshman, Brockport;

Hannah Moon, Tioga, freshman, Keuka College.

Mark Ross, Athens, head coach at Misericordia;

Kyle Post, Sayre, senior, Mansfield;

Tim Sutton, Waverly, junior, St. John Fisher;

Brandon Ellers, Waverly, junior, Alfred State;

Zach Hutchinson, Tioga, sophomore, Morrisville;

Peyton Miller, Waverly, sophomore, Utica College;

Adam Zwierlein, Tioga, sophomore, Buffalo State;

Austin Lister, Athens, sophomore, Bloomsburg;

Aaron Barry, Athens, sophomore, Misericordia;

Tyler Whitmore, Tioga, freshman, Alfred State;

Tylor Belles, Sayre, freshman, East Stroudsburg;

Mitch Kerrick, Athens, freshman, Hartwick;

Brandon Paris, Sayre, freshman, Alfred U.

Josh Robinson, Tioga, coach at Keuka College.

Seth Murrelle, Sayre, senior, Penn State-Altoona;

Ryan Segar, Athens, sophomore, Penn State-Behrand;

Colton Wigsten, S-VE, sophomore, TC3;

Shane Colegrove, Athens, freshman, Lock Haven;

Robert Argetsinger, Tioga, freshman, Cortland;

Liam Murphy, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC;

Brenton Frisbie, Waverly, freshman, TC3.

Kirsten Colegrove, Athens, senior LeMoyne College;

Kylie Newman, Waverly, junior, Alfred State;

Allie Peet, Sayre, sophomore, Wilkes College;

Mackenzie Warner, Athens, sophomore, Corning CC;

Morgan Price, S-VE, sophmore, Corning CC;

Holly Passetti, Tioga, freshman, Alfred U;

Chloe Tracy, Sayre, freshman, Binghamton;

Justice Pahlmann, Tioga, freshman, TC3;

Katie Slocum, SVEC, freshman, TC3;

Hannah Westervelt, SVEC, freshman, TC3.

Megan Wilbur, Waverly, senior, Keuka College;

Kassie Winters, Sayre, junior, Penn College;

Paige Hendershot, Tioga, sophomore, Corning CC;

Sam Wood, Tioga, sophomore, St. Bonaventure;

Brittany Vergason, sophomore, Keuka College;

Shailei Kraft, Waverly, freshman, Dominican;

Aubrey Allen, Athens, freshman, West Chester;

Sara Hollenbeck, Tioga, freshman, TC3.

Bryan Solomon, Athens, sophomore, Wisconsin-Osh Kosh;

Mike Girolamo, Waverly, junior, SUNY Cobleskill;

Jeff Gao, Athens, junior, Messiah College.


Katherine Porter, Sayre, senior, Ursinus;

Meagan Stanton, Waverly, senior, Utica College;

Kelcey Madigan, Waverly, freshman, Utica College;

Taylor Lane, Athens, freshman, Misericordia.

Dylan Babcock, Tioga, junior, St. Lawrence;

Josh Mastrantuono, Waverly, sophomore, Utica College;

Ryan McFarland, Waverly, sophomore, Alfred State;

Jonny Polo Rankin, Tioga, freshman, Cortland;

Brandon Uhl,
Waverly, head coach, Washington & Lee;

Chris Bostwick,
Waverly, assistant coach, Clemson.


Charlsie Bowen, Tioga, senior, Mansfield;

Elyse Skerpon, Sayre, senior, Penn State;

Kelby Cole, Tioga, senior, Marywood;

Kaylee Uhl, Waverly, junior, SUNY Cortland;

Malley Bowen, Tioga, sophomore, Keystone College;

Breanna Featherson, Waverly, sophomore, Utica College;

Emily Madigan, Athens, sophomore, Misericordia;

Holly Passetti, Tioga, freshman, Alfred U.


Bry Godfrey, Tioga, senior, Alfred State;

Lexi Swagler, Tioga, senior, Kings College;

Erin Fagan, Waverly, senior, Pitt-Bradford;

Malley Bowen, Tioga, sophomore, Keystone College;

Brittany Vergason, Tioga, sophomore, Keuka College;

Molly Ball, Sayre, freshman, Lycoming College;

Alyissa Fiske, Tioga, freshman, Corning CC;

Fallon Huck, Waverly, freshman, Elmira College;

Harleigh Kunzman, S-VE, freshman, Keuka College.


Derak Heyman, Tioga, senior, SUNY Cortland;

Brian Courtney, Athens, sophmore, Virginia;

Kaiden Winters, Athens, freshman, RIT;

Gage Cannavino, Athens, freshman, Wilkes;

Brock Horton, Athens, freshman, Wilkes.

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