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Valley Sports Report
WAVERLY - The Red and the Orange are tied atop the Waverly Rec. Basketball league standings after a host of games decided by three points or less.

RED 36, BLUE 34: Brody Lambert led Red with 11 points, and Jeremy Cleveland added 10in the win. Brycen Fiske and Maddex Presher led Blue with 10 points apiece.

ORANGE 31, WHITE 28: Jack Pipher pumped in 16 points, and Drew Croft added 10 to lead the Orange to a three-point win over the White. Braiden Judson had 11 points, and Hayden Roskow added nine for White.

RED 30,, WHITE 24:  Brody Lambert scored 16 points, and Jeremy Cleveland added 10 for Red. Braiden Judson and Hayden Roskow scored eight points apiece for the White.

ORANGE 40, BLUE 22: Jack Pipher poured in 22 points to lead the Orange, and Drew Croft added 12. Grant Spiegel and Brycen Fiske led the Blue with eight points apiece.

WHITE 28, BLUE 26: Hayden Roskow and Braiden Judson scored 10 points apiece to lead the White. Brycen Fiske had 11 for Blue.

ORANGE 31, RED 24: Jack Pipher led Orange with 16 points and Jesse Lantz added eight points. Brody Lambert scored 13 and Jeremy Cleveland added 10 for Red.

WHITE 32, ORANGE 31: Braiden Judson pumped in 18 points to lead the White, and Melvin Oglesby added eight. Jack Pipher had 13 for Orange.

RED 30, BLUE 29: Brody Lambert scored 16 points to lead the Red. Connor Bentley had 10 for Blue.


RED ...... 4-3
ORANGE . 4-3
WHITE ... 3-4
BLUE ..... 3-4


Jack Pipher  ......... 77
Brody Lambert ..... 70
Braiden Judson .... 68
Jeremy Cleveland . 60
Drew Croft .......... 53
Brycen Fiske ....... 52
Cooper Skovira .... 41
Maddex Presher .. 40
Hayden Roskow ... 32
Jonathon Montgomery 32

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