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Valley Sports Report
WAVERLY - The Waverly Sports Complex celebrated its new look, and growth here Tuesday afternoon, and made a pair of donations to the community in the process.

Waverly Sports Complex general manager Natalie Richetti presented a check to the Waverly High School Art program in the amount of $1,000 for use toward a scholarship in appreciation of its work on the five art murals on the front of its building on Broad Street.

Richetti also presented a check to the Waverly Recreation Department in the amount of $1,500.

"Today, we are celebrating the students and student-athletes who help put up all these beautifully-done panels here to help brighten up Broad Street," said Richetti.

"We are also celebrating a new working relationship with the Waverly Recreation Department," she said.

Richetti also took a moment to reflect on the progress at the Waverly Sports Complex.

"When we first came in here, it was a mess," she said. "There was rubble everywhere.

"Now, we have batting cages, and turfed areas. We have baseball and softball lessons, and BX Strength & Speed Training," noted Richetti. "We rent out time in the batting cages, and on the turf.

"The facility has just done a complete 360," she added. "It’s a great place for the kids, and the community."

Waverly mayor Andrew Aronstam said the efforts at the Waverly Sports Complex have had a two-fold impact on the community.

"From a visual standpoint, it looks great," he said. "It was an old, dilapidated building that was really an eyesore, and they’ve fixed it up, and obviously made a substantial investment in the community.

"The other side of it is that this is a first-class facility," noted Aronstam. "Back when we were playing, there were no indoor facilities like this, you were sharing a gym with the girls volleyball team.

"It’s gorgeous here … there’s plenty of room to throw a football, or throw a baseball, and they’ve brought in some top-notch trainers," Aronstam added.

Aronstam also lauded the efforts of the Waverly School District and its arts program.

"They did a great job on the murals on the front of the building," he said.

"I’m second to none in my admiration for the school, and the job they’re doing, not only at the school, but in the community," noted Aronstam.

"What they’ve done with the outside of this building, and with the signs, and the artwork on the underpasses is incredible," he added.

Eric Reznicek, the Waverly Rec. Department director, is impressed with the Waverly Sports Complex.

"On a personal level, my oldest son was at their baseball clinics last summer, it was a great experience.

"This is my first time in the (Waverly Sports Complex), and it’s much bigger than I would have thought," said Reznicek. "From the road, you can’t tell how big this place is.

"There are batting cages, room to throw, room to run, and work out. There is a ton of room here to do a lot of things with a lot of kids in just about any sport imaginable.

"(The Waverly Recreation Department) hasn’t used it yet, but as I take a look at it for the first time, I believe this is something we can take advantage of in the future," he noted.

"The facelift this property has received has been pretty noticeable," added Reznicek. "With the new paved parking lot, and the artwork on the front of the building, it brings a new pop to this property that has been missing."

Rob Baxter of BX Strength & Speed says he’s seen the growth at the Waverly Sports Complex.

"I’ve been here just shy of a year, and you can see the upgrades in the facility, and the rise in the awareness in the community.

"To have the community and the school involved in making the facilities more presentable, and more professional is a really cool thing," Baxter said.

Baxter has also seen growth in his business at the sports complex.

"The really cool thing is we’re getting athletes — both guys and girls — from all sports.

"The majority of our athletes are from Waverly, but we’re getting some from Elmira, and Pennsylvania," said Baxter. "We’ve had good steady growth."


IN PHOTO 1: Waverly Sports Complex GM Natalie Richetti presents a check to Waverly Rec. Department director Eric Reznicek. From left: Rob Baxter of BX Strenth & Speed, Waverly Mayor Andrew Aronstam, Richetti, Reznicek, and Andy Hutchings of High Heat Travel Baseball. ... IN PHOTO 2: The Waverly High School art students responsible for the murals.

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