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Valley Sports Report
THE VALLEY - We know there are many Valley grads participating in collegiate athletics that we're not keeping an eye on. So, let us know who we're missing and we'll make an effort to provide periodic updates on them as well.

Just drop a note to Tim Birney and we'll add him or her to our database.

Who we're keeping an eye on in 2023-24:


Dakota Skinner, Tioga, head coach, Corning CC;

Pierce Hendershot, Tioga, assistant coach, Albany;

Quinn Hanafin, Sayre, junior, Penn College;

Jake Burgess, Sayre, junior, Penn College;

Brayden Horton, Sayre, sophomore, Liberty Univ.;

Kannon VanDuzer, Sayre, sophomore, Tompkins-Cortland CC;

Ty Beeman, Waverly, freshman, Mansfield;

Luke Kraft, Athens, freshman, Elmira College;

Cameron Sullivan, Athens, freshman, Elmira College;

Joey VanAllen, Athens, freshman, Cornerstone Univ.

Zach Garrity, Sayre, freshman, Mansfield;

Jackson Hubbard, Sayre, freshman, Monroe CC.

Scott Woodring, Waverly, junior, Mansfield;

J.J. Babcock, Athens, sophomore, Elmira College;

Aaron Lane, Athens, junior, Elmira College.

Sidney Tomasso, Waverly, junior, St. John Fisher;

Kayleigh Miller, Athens, junior, Penn College;

Olivia Nittinger, Waverly, sophomore, Elmira College;

Abby Foley, Tioga, sophomore, TCCC;

Gabby Foley, Tioga, sophomore, TCCC.

Zach Vanderpool, Waverly, freshman, McKendree.

Chloe Croft, Waverly, junior, Ithaca College.

Claire Shaffer, Sayre, senior, Lycoming College;

Elizabeth Fritzen, Waverly, senior, Binghamton;

Sheridan Talada, Waverly, senior, Binghamton;

Kayla Hughey, Sayre, senior, Misericordia;

Carrie Claypool, Sayre, junior, Mansfield.

Cole Williams, Tioga, junior, Morrisville;

Ian Wright, Athens, redshirt freshman, Lackawanna College;

Caden Wheeler, Waverly, junior, Buffalo State;

Vaughn Wagnecz, Athens, sophomore, Hartwick;

Lucas Horton, Athens, freshman, St. John Fisher

Mason Lister, Athens, freshman, St. John Fisher

Isaiah Bretz, Waverly, freshman, St. John Fisher

Nate DeLill, Waverly, freshman, St. John Fisher;

Josh Robinson, Tioga, head coach at Keuka College;

Sam Taylor, Tioga, junior, Methodist;

Brady Smith, Athens, junior, Misericordia;

Kannon VanDuzer, Sayre, sophomore, Tompkins-Cprtland CC;

Luke Kraft, Athens, freshman, Elmira College.

Alex Tomasso, Waverly, grad student, St. John Fisher.

Liam Murphy, Waverly, junior, Chatham College.

Nate Ryck, Waverly, junior, Keuka College;

Asher Ellis, Athens, junior, Elmira College.

Rachel Hutchison, Athens, grad student, St. Bonaventure;

Melina Ortiz, Waverly, senior, Siena College;

Gabby Picco, Waverly, junior, LaSalle;

Emma Roe, Athens, junior, Wagner;

Hannah Blackman, Athens, junior, Millersville;

Abby Sindoni, Athens, junior, Roberts Weslyan;

Gianna Picco, Waverly, senior, Wilkes College;

Hannah Walker, Athens, sophomore, St. Bonaventure;

Kennedy Westbrook, Waverly, freshman, NJIT;

Ally Thoman, Athens, freshman, Brockport;

Abby Foley, Tioga, sophomore, Tompkins-Cortland CC;

Gabby Foley, Tioga, sophomore, Tompkins-Cortland CC;

Wendi Hammond, Waverly, senior, Albany;

Megan Bennett, Athens, junior, Alfred U;

Harley Sullivan, Athens, sophomore, King's College;

Hali Jenner, Waverly, sophomore, Keuka;

Caydence Macik, Athens, freshman, Mansfield;

Aubrey Ennis, Waverly, freshman, Corning CC;

Bella Romano, Waverly, freshman, Nazareth;

Austyn Vance, Tioga, freshman, Tompkins-Cortland CC;

Abby Foley, Tioga, freshman, Tompkins-Cortland CC;

Gabby Foley, Tioga, freshman, Tompkins-Cortland CC.

Mike Atanasoff, senior, Waverly, junior, RIT;

Jerrell Sackett, freshman, Waverly, St. Bonaventure;

Ryan Clark, freshman, Waverly, Geneseo.

Hailey Onofre, Waverly, senior, Wells College;

Taegan Williams, Athens, freshman, Misericordia;

Taylar Fisher, Athens, freshman, Misericordia.

Brandon Uhl, Waverly, head coach, Washington & Lee;

Chris Bostwick,
Waverly, head coach, Buffalo State.

Sheridan Talada, Waverly, sophomore, Binghamton;

Elizabeth Fritzen, Waverly, sophomore, Binghamton;

Kayla Hughey, Sayre, sophomore, Misericordia;

Julia Walsh, Tioga, freshman, Walsh College.


Paige Lewis, Waverly, senior, DeSales;

Chloe Bellis, Tioga, senior, Pitt-Bradford;

Julia Bellis, Tioga, sophomore, Bridgewater College;

Jenny Ryan, Athens, freshman, Muhlenberg College.

John Worthing, Tioga, redshirt junior, Clarion;

Brady Worthing, Tioga, junior, Clarion;

Gavin Bradley, Athens, sophomore, Castleton;

Kaden Setzer, Athens, sophomore, Kent State;

Mason Welch, Tioga, sophomore, St. John Fisher.

Gage Tedesco, Waverly, freshman, Utica University.

Raven McCarthy-Gardner, Athens, freshman, East Stroudsburg;

Emily Sindoni, Tioga, freshman, D'Youville.

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